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Gauge Microphones

The ECM87 & ECM47 sound like priceless classics!

These are the best inexpensive microphones you can buy.

All Gauge MIcrophones are hand picked & ear tested. Great vocal mic. Best vocal mic.  Best mic for guitar. 

The best audio gear and microphones for the home studio.  Our goal is to provide the finest audio recording equipment and the very best recording experience for pro musicians, engineers, artists and producers.  Our products are always priced much lower and are more affordable than most other brands such as Shure, Neumann, AKG, Audix, MXL & Sennheiser.

Our professional product line features the outstanding ECM87 pro cardioid condenser microphone which is often compared to the Neumann U87 and our ECM47 a multi-pattern tube microphone that is often compared to the Neumann U47. 

We also offer an affordable Neve 1073 style professional mic preamp that produces the absolute best sound for vocal, guitar, saxophone, voice, harmonica and any musical instrument or ensemble. 

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