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Welcome to the crossroads of crystal-clarity and true value, where Gauge microphones are designed with you in mind.

Chandler Bridges & Rob Chiarelli have been sitting behind consoles in the world's top recording studios for the last 25-years working on multi-platinum records for artists like Will Smith, Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Train, Madonna, Ray Charles, LeAnn Rimes, Ricky Martin, Mary Mary, Diana Ross, En Vogue, Yolanda Adams, 3LW, K-Ci & Jo Jo, The Corrs, American Idol, Bette Midler, Julio Iglesias, Coolio, Ice Cube, Keiko Matsui, Gerald Albright, Everette Harp, Spyra Gyra, Chuckii Booker, Gladys Knight, Teddy Pendergrass and many, many more...

In May 2008, the guys were engineering a major recording session when the producer insisted on recording vocals with a strange microphone from China. Of course, they had the same reaction top engineers like many of you would have. “It probably sounds like crap.” However, when they heard how amazing the mic sounded on the lead vocal and how unbelievably great it sounded in the track during the final mix, they became instant fans and had to have one.

Chandler contacted the manufacturer and immediately began testing different combinations of capsules, capacitors, switches and transformers, etc. Then, they ordered a batch and had them shipped to the USA. When they listened to the new microphones, they discovered the sound quality was exceptionally good, but inconsistent. No surprises there.

Same mic, same factory, not always great sound.

After lengthy negotiations with the manufacturer, they reached an agreement that included a higher Quality Control standard in the capsule, the capacitors & the screen. They also requested the right to “ear check” every microphone so they would be assured each one was the highest quality possible. The supplier agreed to accept the return of any mic that the guys would be uncomfortable using on a multi-platinum act. Gauge Precision Instruments was born.

Since then, Gauge Precision Instruments has invited many platinum engineers to participate in our meticulous, 90-minute long, totally blind ear tests. The results are always the same. On average, (93% of the time), our colleagues chose the ECM-87 over more popular "industry standards" that cost many times the price. Why? The presence peak is clear and crisp, the midrange is pleasing and the bottom end is warm and full. Our ears and our experience told us that, not an oscilloscope.

Finally, a consistently good sounding microphone that doesn’t break the bank.

Does the ECM87 sound amazing on everything? Pretty much. But, just like all microphones, it works better on some things than others. The ECM87 sounds amazing on vocals and acoustic guitar. It sounds terrible on bagpipes, harmonica & accordion. LOL. (The ECM47 on the other hand, does sound amazing on everything).

Gauge Precision Instruments is not a huge company with a staff of dozens of people. We don't have rent to pay on a massive warehouse full of inventory and we keep our overhead low. And we ear test all our studio microphones. Crazy, but true. We actually like to sit around and listen to microphones because we are freaks. It's as simple as that.

We believe musicians appreciate the value in a microphone that is hand-picked by experienced engineers with 50,000 hours in the studio making hit records, as opposed to microphones that were designed by a technician who measures sound quality with an oscilloscope.

Thanks for listening.
Gauge Precision Instruments, Inc.

Quality Control is under the direction of Chandler Bridges & Jeff Piergeorge.

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Jeff Piergeorge

Engineered sound effects for Michael Jackson’s MTV Special, holed up for months on Jane’s Addiction’s ”Nothing’s Shocking”, “Old School” Rap at Paramount...

President / quality control

Chandler Bridges

has engineered dozens of Gold and Platinum records... Including J-Lo, Bette Midler,...

musicians appreciatevalue in a microphone

The ECM87 sounds amazing on vocals and acoustic guitar. It sounds terrible on bagpipes, harmonica & accordion. LOL


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